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What exactly do my
donations to  Fishin' Chicks support?

The Fishin' Chicks steering committee continually gathers input from our participants, volunteers, community, sponsors, and benefactors.

The donations have always supported Essentia's Breast Center, but the past few years we have dug deeper to determine specifically to whom, where,

and how our donations are dispersed.

With these things in mind, we got very specific in 2023 about where the donations went. This page is newly under construction and is intended to keep you

updated on the details.


The 2024 event will take another turn.

We will continue to support Essentia's Breast Center.

In addition, we will be dispersing some of our funds locally by adding 

Iron River's Northlakes Clinic as a new partner.

This will allow us to expand our focus to other areas of women's health and specifically support the population that doctors in Iron River. 

Please follow this page as we continue to update the changing plans that accommodate our changing needs.

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