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Here They Are:

The Bundles for Boobs

 To stay true to our promise of a socially distanced event, we have changed our prize set-up. There will be no prizes to view live, but we have pictures & descriptions here. We'll also have pictures & descriptions at the event.  Each bundle will have a prize board to go with it.

Instead of buying tickets, you will buy boxes: 

We are going to have about 20 Bundles for Boob. This means there are less prizes but they will have higher values than in past years. You will have opportunities to buy boxes throughout the day. All boards will be available in the registration area until mid-morning. After that, the board will start floating around the icy lake with our wonderful volunteers (AKA our Breast Friends.) They will bring boards to YOU to work to get them filled. When a board fills, no more people will be allowed to be on that board. It is first come, first served. Don't worry, though. The prizes are so amazing you can just go to another board.

When a board fills it will go inside to our Breast Center. Approximately once an hour our Breast Friends will go LIVE on Facebook and will draw a winner for completed boards. Do you have to watch it live? Nope. We'll also post the winners in a regular post. Then our Breast Friends will get your bundle from an undisclosed location and deliver it to you on the ice.


 If a board doesn’t fill by the end of the day, it will go to the Breast Center and we'll draw from whomever is on the board. This will make your odds better but raise less money. 


Each board is different. Some will have 25 squares. Some will have 50 squares. Our BIG board has 100 squares.

Most boxes will sell for $10. 

Our 100 box board will have our biggest prizes with some valued at over $300.00. Each box on that board will cost $30. It might sound steep, but we'll be drawing 8 separate prizes for that board. This means your odds of winning an amazing prize are high.

You may buy as many boxes as you'd like, including multiple boxes on one board.

Here is your preview:



OOPS! Caught me without my picture!

* 10.00 Gift Certificate - Buskey Bay

* $20 Delta Diner Gift Certificate

* Fishin'Chicks Buffalo Plaid Shirt

* Fishin' Chicks Bag

* $25 Petersen's Greenhouse

* $20 Scenic Drive Gift Certificate


Big Boobie Bundle

As mentioned above our Big Bundle includes: 


* 2 Night Stay at Scenic Drive

* Pontoon Rental at Pine Point

* Tandem Kayak

* 4 Person Fishing Tent

* Ice Auger

* Fish Finder

* Propane Heater

Mystery Prizes

We have several wonderful mystery prizes.

These are only $5 boxes but

there are 100 of them.

Buy a box.

Win a mystery prize!

How many prizes will be drawn from this board?

This, too, is a mystery......

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